Sandboarding - a half day trip

This half day trip for sandboarding in Death Valley in the Atacama Desert was great fun. Of the two possible timeslots we chose the morning slot. Together with about 20 young backpackers and 3 tour guides we went by bus. Arriving in Death Valley the sun was shining extremely strong and the sweat was running down when we saw where we had to walk up.

Two groups were formed: One group with snowboard/sandboard experience and one beginner group. With our snowboard experience we started running right away and successfully climbed these big hills of sand. At the top we had a great view of the Atacama Desert, the mountains of Boliven and a small bus at the bottom, where we went straight down.

The first attempts were a bit unusual, but after a short time we got the hang of it. That was really cool. The guides helped very well and also explained how to drive. The equipment was not the newest, but as far as we could judge it was absolutely ok.

Half of the day was a lot of fun and was absolutely fair for the price.


Tour Operator Name: Denomades
Tour Guide Name: n/a
Country: Bolivia
Highlights: fun, adventure, action, sandboarding

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